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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2014.003.3970 Remains of Crawford’s store, Arrowhead

: 2014.003.3970

: D26-20


: 1968-09-09

: Ida Crawford

: 1960s, Arrow Lakes flooding (Columbia River Treaty), building demolition, Crawford's General Store, Crawford; Ida (Brown), Dedosenco; Rosalia 'Rosie' (Pytrashuk), fire, hotel, store, Temrick's Red & White Store, and Union Hotel

: Arrowhead

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Rose Dedosenco (left) and Ida Crawford (right) standing in front of burned-out ruins of Temrick's Red & White Store (Union Hotel), Arrowhead, after it was burned by BC Hydro in advance of the flooding of the Arrow Lakes, 9 September 1968. The Crawford family had owned the store between 1932 and 1959.

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