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2014.003.3969 Party at Arrowhead

: 2014.003.3969

: D26-18


: 1937-- - 1939--

: Ida Crawford

: 1930s, Boyd; Blanche, Boyd; Gladys, Bysouth; Mrs., Crawford; Ida (Brown), Johnson; Rosemarie (Masson), Kirkpatrick; Rachel, Langille; Bessie, Markstrom; Ebba (Öhlund), Trotter; Bertha, and Yount; Lettie

: Arrowhead

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group of women posing underneath tree, party at Arrowhead, ca. late 1930s. Women in photo include Blanche Boyd, Gladys Boyd, Bertha Trotter, Rosemarie Masson, Lettie Yount, Mrs. Bysouth, Bessie Langille, Rachel Kirkpatrick, Ebba Markstrom, and Ida Crawford.

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