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2014.003.3852 Arrival of the Blyth family & departure of the Waldie & Outram? Sept. 22, 1945, at Gates of St. Leon.

: 2014.003.3852

: D19-9


: 1945-09-22

: Eileen Herridge

: 1940s, Blyth; Dick, Blyth; Marie, Gates of St. Leon, hot springs, hotel, St. Leon Hot Springs, and Upper Arrow Lake

: St. Leon

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Arrival of Blyth family of Nakusp and departure of Waldie and Outram families on SS Minto, The Gates of St. Leon resort, Upper Arrow Lake, 22 September 1945. Cargo including building supplies and luggage being delivered on beach.

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