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2014.003.385 K.P. Hall, Nakusp

: 2014.003.385

: A22-14/A26-14


: 1925-- - 1935--

: Joe Desrochers

: Aalten; Henry, Bowes; Tom, Bradshaw; Chester, Buerge; Reuben, Butlin; James 'Jim', Dilley; Charlie, Fry; Martin Markham, Hamling; Chris Sr., Harvey; Thomas William 'Tom Sr.', Herridge; Herbert Wilfred 'Bert', Herridge; Norman Archibald 'Archie', Horrey; Frank, Horsley; George, Humphries; Ed, Jordan; Ella (Nordstrom; Buerge), Knights of Pythias, Knights of Pythias Hall, Leary; Charles Sidney 'Sid', Leveque; Eugène Camille, Leveque; Evelina (Duquette), McWhirter; Robert, Morrison; James 'Jim', Munn; Everett Mossom 'Ed', Parent; Joseph Jr., Parkinson; Edmund 'Ed', Salstrom; Oscar, Thurgood; Harry, Vipond; Fred, Wahlstrom; Fred, and Wensley; Fred

: Nakusp

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Knights of Pythias members gathered around dining tables, Knights of Pythias Hall, Nakusp. TOP(standing l-r): Bowes, E. Dilley, Archie Herridge, Reuben Buerge, Humphris, Henry Aalten, Butlin, Oscar Salstrom, Horrey, Wensley, ?, Ed Parkinson, ?. 2ND (standing l-r): Martin Fry, Mrs. Jones, C. Bradshaw, Sid Leary, Jim Morrison, Mrs. Leveque, Mr. Leveque. SEATED FAR LEFT: Mrs. Jones Sr., J. Parent, Mr. McWhirter. SEATED 2ND LEFT: ?, Bert Herridge, F. Vipond, Mrs. Vipond, Mr. Horsley, F. Harvey (Mrs. Lodge?). SEATED CENTRE: Mr. Hamling, Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Aalten/Mrs. Beckett?, E. Munn, E. Buerge. SEATED LEFT (bot to top): Mr. Millar, Mr. Wahlstrom, Mr. Thurgood, ?, ?

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