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2014.003.3809 Madden Hotel, Trout Lake

: 2014.003.3809

: D15-17


: 1929--

: Elsie Gray

: 1920s, Gray; George 'Scotty', horse, hotel, Jacobson; Roy, Kellie Street, LeQuesne; Dora Watson (Wilkie), Simpson; John, Wilkie; Dora (Watson), Windsor Hotel (Trout Lake), and Yuill; George

: Trout Lake

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group of people on sidewalk in front of Madden Hotel, Victoria Street, downtown Trout Lake, 1929. Notes: 'With pipe (second left) - George Yuill. Straw hat (third left) - Roy Jacobson. Mrs. Dora Wilkie in doorway. John Simpson by post. Dora Wilkie (younger) on horse. George Gray (Scotty Gray) at right.'

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