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2014.003.3747 Excursion to Halcyon

: 2014.003.3747

: D12-19


: 1930-- - 1938--

: Calder Soules

: Baines; Scotty, Barnes; Betty, Gunterman; Avery, Gunterman; Henry, Gunterman; Mattie, Gunterman; Petrenella (Quackenbush), Gunterman; Will, Halcyon wharf, Hillman; Ed, Lade; Nellie (Otto), Laughton; Ida (Gunterman), Lindsley; George, Lindsley; Stewart, McKay; Alec, Metzler; Cecilia (Macdonald; Lindsley), Romeo; Mrs., Soules; Calder, Soules; Ellen, Soules; Margaret 'Maggie' (Belt), SS Beaton/MV Beaton, tugboats, Upper Arrow Lake, and Vars; May (Duncan)

: Halcyon Hot Springs

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group portrait on wharf at Halcyon Hot Springs in front of tug SS Beaton, Upper Arrow Lake, ca. 1930s. FRONT (l-r): ?, ?, ?, Betty Barnes, Mrs. Cecilia Lindsley, Stewart Lindsley. 2ND ROW: Margaret Soules, Ellen Soules, Mrs. Romeo, Miss Brown, Mrs. Nellie Lade, Mrs. Grant, Petrenella Gunterman. 3RD ROW: Mr. Grant, Mrs. Barnes, Ida Gunterman, Scotty Baines, May Vars. BACK: Mattie Gunterman, ?, ?, ?, ?, Henry Gunterman, Avery Gunterman, Will Gunterman, Alex McKay, Calder Soules, George Lindsley, Ed Hillman.

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