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2014.003.370 Hilda Patterson Wedding

: 2014.003.370

: A21-17


: 1933-05-09

: Alf Dunn

: 1930s, Berard; Isabelle (Patterson), Cook; Mary, Dunn; Bette (Colegrave), Fulkco; Dave, Fulkco; Ellen (Abriel), Hurry; Edith (Dilley), Patterson; Edith (Stanton), Patterson; Richard Roger, Thurgood; Harry, wedding, Woodhouse; Albert, and Woodhouse; Hilda (Patterson)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group of attendees at wedding of Hilda Patterson and Albert Woodhouse, Richard Patterson home, Nakusp, 9 May 1933. TOP (l-r): Bette Dunn, ?, Isabelle Patterson, ?, ?, Edith Dilley, ?, Mary Cook, Edith Patterson, Harry Thurgood. BOT: Richard Patterson, Albert Woodhouse, Hilda Patterson, Dave Fulkco, Ellen Fulkco.

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