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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2014.003.3608 Women’s Institute effort to get a diving tower at beach, Nakusp, 1930s

: 2014.003.3608

: D5-15


: 1935-- - 1938--

: Alice Rushton

: 1930s, Anton; Bea (Steenhoff), automobiles, Broadway Cafe/Royal Cafe, Broadway Street, Canada Day, Dunn; Alf, Marshall; Evelyn (Smith), Nakusp Women's Institute, parade, restaurant, Rushton; Bill, and women's institute

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Parade float promoting effort to build diving tower on Upper Arrow Lake at Nakusp government wharf, July 1st parade, 300 block, Broadway Street, Nakusp, late 1930s. Royal Cafe in background. L-R: ?, Bill Rushton, Alf Dunn, ?, Ev Smith, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bea Steenhoff.

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