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2014.003.3562 Coronation Day, 12 May 1937, school grounds

: 2014.003.3562

: D3-7A


: 1937-05-12 - --

: Bill Rushton

: 1930s, Burgoyne; Irene (Buerge), Dalzell; Sydney (Leary), George VI coronation (1937), Henke; Betty (Miller), Horrey; Stella, Nakusp Recreation Park, Oxenham; Bernard, Oxenham; Joy, parade, Stanley; Alan, and Truss; Mary (Rushton; Argyle)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Nakusp children performing mock ceremony celebrating coronation of George VI, 12 May 1937. L-R: ?, Joy Oxenham, Betty Miller, ?, ?, Stella Horrey, Sydney Leary (behind queen cape), Irene Buerge (wearing queen costume at centre), Bernard Oxenham, Alan Stanley, Mary Rushton (right).

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