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2014.003.3521 Compliments of the Season Trout Lake, B.C.

: 2014.003.3521

: D1-7


: 1905-- - 1920--

: Dora LeQuesne

: Craig; Andrew McCullough 'Andy', Lardeau Street, Mummery; Fred, Parisian; Jack, tennis, and Wilkie; O.B.N.

: Trout Lake

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Buildings along east side of Lardeau Street south of Andrew Street, Trout Lake, early 20th century. Buildings L-R: Government recording office operated by Fred Mummery, ?, Wilkie tennis court, O.B.N. Wilkie's tennis court, Wilkie house, Johnny Parisian house. Andy Craig's barn seen centre left in background with false front. Small house to right of Craig barn is Green family house; this house was later used to store flour. Inscription: 'Compliments of the Season, Trout Lake B.C.'. ? Hopp and ? Hopp seen standing in front of government office.

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