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2014.003.3501 OBN Wilkie & Dora Watson (his wife), Greenbank House

: 2014.003.3501

: C50-5


: 1901-04-

: Dora LeQuesne

: 1900s, Greenbank House, Wilkie; Dora (Watson), and Wilkie; O.B.N.

: Ambleside (Cumberland)

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Standing portrait of O.B.N. Wilkie (left) and wife Dora Wilkie (nee Dora Watson, right) of Rossland, soon of Trout Lake City, on their honeymoon, Greenbank House, Ambleside, Cumberland, April 1901 (marriage certificate lists marriage date as 19 May 1902).

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