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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2014.003.337 Picnic

: 2014.003.337

: A20-6/A30-20


: 1920-- - 1929--

: Art Genelle and Edith Barrow

: 1920s, Aalten; Henry, Bailey; Austin, Barrow; Edith (Pratt), Davis; Milt, Hoover; Marion (Bailey; Hoogerwerf), Howarth; Jessie (Ion), Kirk; Margaret, Matouche; Chester, Munn; Ed, Munn; Henrietta, Parent; Joseph Sr., picnic, Root; Doris (Cowan), Singh; Serhan, Soland; Mildred (Parent), Vaughan; Bessie (McWhirter), and Vestrup; Roy

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Group portrait on beach, unidentified Arrow Lakes location. TOP(l-r):Serhan Singh, ?, Henry Aalten, Joe Parent Sr., ?, ?, ?, Mildred Parent, Chester Matouche, ?. MID: ?, Roy Vestrup, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bessie McWhirter, Edith Barrow, Mildred Parent, Henrietta Munn, Ed Munn, Milt Davis. BOT: Doris Cowan, Jessie Ion, ?, ?, ?, Marion Bailey, Marg Kirk, Kerr/Ion?, ?, Austin Bailey.

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