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2014.003.3346 A Group of Old-Timers in Slocan City About 1900.

: 2014.003.3346

: C43-30


: 1900--

: Gene Leveque

: 1900s, Campbell; John, Domico; Mike, Doren; Joe, Fisher; Ja., Haley; Ed, Hanlan; Dan, Hicks; Billy, Hicks; Henry, Law; Joseph, Livingstone; James, Long; Sam, Lougheed; Ike, Moore; John [Slocan], O'Neail; D.B., Perviance; Joe, Rogers; Alex, Salmon; Fred, Shonberg; Pete, Stoll; George, Teeters; Al, Terry; Hiram, Wafer; John, Worden; W.E., and York; Archie

: Slocan City

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group portrait, men of Slocan City, ca. 1900. TOP (l-r): Mike Domico, D.B. O'Neail, James Livingstone, Ed Haley, Alex Rogers, ?, John Wafer, ?, Joseph Law, Joe Doren, ?, Hiram Terry, ?, Fred Salmon. MID: Al Teeters, Pete Shonberg, Archie York, Joe Perviance, George Stoll, John Campbell, Henry Hicks, ?, ?. BOT: John Moore, ?, ?, Dan Hanlan, Mr. Pearson, Sam Long, Billy Hicks, ?, W.E. Worden, J. Fisher, Ike Lougheed.

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