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2014.003.2958 Brouse School, 1928, Grade 1-8

: 2014.003.2958

: C20-3


: 1928-- - --

: Margaret Steenhoff

: 1920s, Astell; Miss, Baziuk; Annie (Goniak), Box Lake School, Ehl; Albert, Ehl; Rose, Haines; Mary (Henke), Harlow; Doris, Henke; Walter, Hohenleitner; George, Hohenleitner; Henry, Jarbeau; Bernard, Jarbeau; Dorothy, Jarbeau; Edna, Jarbeau; Ruby, Jones; Dorothy [Summit Lake], Lieb; Ida (Harlow), Reyden; Corey, Rogers; Gertrude (Henke), school, Shipmaker; Henry, Shipmaker; William Jr., Steenhoff; Margaret (Reyden), and Wetterstrom; Sophie (Reyden)

: Brouse

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Class portrait, Box Lake School (grades 1 to 8), Brouse, 1928. Notes: Miss Astell taught until December, then Miss Pudney took over. TOP by heads (l-r): Mary Henke, Ida Harlow, George Hohenleitner, Corey Reyden, Gertrude Henke, Margaret Reyden, Sophie Reyden, Annie Goniak, Edna Jarbeau. TOP STEP: Rose Ehl, Dorothy Jones, Bill Shipmaker, Doris Harlow. MID STEP: MIss Astell (standing), Ruby Jarbeau, Henry Hohenleitner, Dorothy Jarbeau, Edwin Jones (standing). BOT STEP: Walter Henke, Henry Shipmaker, Bernard Jarbeau, Albert Ehl.

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