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Arrow Lakes
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2014.003.2873 Alice forestry boat

: 2014.003.2873

: C16-16


: 1927-- - 1932--

: Anita Harrison

: Alice (boat), Columbia River, Harrison; Ada (Penney), Harrison; Norman, and The Narrows

: Arrow Park

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Ada Harrison and Norman Harrison in the forest service boat Alice, after 1917, Arrow Park. Notes from Milt Parent: 'Bill Pratt bought this boat from Stones, 1917. Harrison probably ran it as a forestry boat. Freda Waterfield says Don Waterfield bought it from Pratt and later put a canopy over it and put a Ford V8 engine in it. Dr. Tyerman got the motor out of it in exchange for taking Nigel Waterfield's tonsils out. $100. Don picked up his 2 sisters & mother at Arrowhead with this boat. It took them 2 days to get to Nakusp. Bad storm. They had been to England.'

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