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2014.003.243 Nakusp School, 1912. First classes in new school

: 2014.003.243

: 2014.003.243


: 1912--

: Della Parent and Molly Harris

: 1910s, Abey; Dorothy, Anthony; George, Bulger; Katherine, Calhoun; Inez (Carlson), Carlson; Ed, Cowan; Elwood, Herridge; Archie, Hurry; Florence 'Flo' (Dilley), Leveque; Eric, Leveque; Gene, Mathers; Alice (Leveque; Akerman), Nakusp Centennial Building, Nakusp School (1912-1957), Parent; Della (Leveque), Reilly; Del, Reilly; Lloyd, Sanderson; Rika (Funcke), school, Sutherland; Margaret, Vaughan; Bessie (McWhirter), and Walker; Doris

: Nakusp

2 b/w negative (35 mm)

School portrait on steps of Nakusp School, 1912. TOP(l-r): Doris Walker, M. Gardner, Rika Funcke, Kirk?, Katherine Bulger, ?, Genelle, Vanderburgh. 2ND TOP: George Anthony, Gene Leveque, Walker, Fowler?, Sutherland, ?, ?, Sutherland, Archie Herridge, Del Reilly. 3RD TOP: ?, ?, ?, Lloyd Reilly, ?, E. Genelle, Eddie Carlson, Bessie McWhirter. 3RD BOT: ?, Eric Leveque, Dorothy Abey, Inez Carlson, ?, ?, ?, Della Leveque. 2ND BOT: ?, ?, ?, Margaret Sutherland, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. BOT: Flo Dilley, Horn? Alice Leveque, Elwood Cowan, ?, Katie McDougald, Horn. TEACHERS: Miss Mitchell, Mr. Gordon.

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