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2014.003.2309 Gen. Burnham, Capt. Manning, 1954

: 2014.003.2309

: I14-13


: 1954-04-24

: Charles Maxfield

: Dr. Fred Maxfield

: 1950s, Burnham; General Frederick 'Fred', Halcyon Hot Springs, Halcyon wharf, hot springs, Manning; Capt. Robert, SS Minto, SS Minto final sailing (1954), sternwheelers, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Halcyon Hot Springs

1 colour slide (35 mm)

SS Minto Captain Robert Manning (left) and General Fred Burnham (right) of Halcyon Hot Springs stand on wharf with Minto in background, Halcyon Hot Springs, 24 April 1954. This was during the final sailing of the Minto.

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