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Arrow Lakes
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2014.003.2263 Exton, Burnham, Maxfield, Johnson, Halcyon

: 2014.003.2263

: I12-1


: 1954-04-24

: Charles Maxfield

: Dr. Fred Maxfield

: 1950s, Burnham; General Frederick 'Fred', Exton; Lawrence, Halcyon wharf, Johnson; Kate (Bailey), Maxfield; Beth, SS Minto final sailing (1954), and Upper Arrow Lake

: Halcyon Hot Springs

1 colour slide (35 mm)

Group portrait on wharf at Halcyon Hot Springs during final run of SS Minto, 24 April 1954. L-R: Lawrence Exton, Beth Maxfield, Gen. Fred Burnham, Kate Johnson.

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