Paddle steamer wheel

Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2014.003.2255 Arton Lbr. Co., Arrowhead

: 2014.003.2255

: I11-6


: 1954-04-24

: Charles Maxfield

: Dr. Fred Maxfield

: 1950s, Arton Lumber Co., forestry, Government wharf (Arrowhead), SS Minto, SS Minto final sailing (1954), and sternwheelers

: Arrowhead

1 colour slide (35 mm)

Arton Lumber Co. and government wharf decorated with flags and John Nelson's banner proclaiming 'Let us honour the brave pioneers of navigation on the scenic Arrow Lakes by making it possible to continue the very efficient service of the S.S. Minto' on the occasion of the SS Minto's final sailing, Arrowhead, 24 April 1954.

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