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2014.003.2057 Group at Summit (ties)

: 2014.003.2057

: C8-4


: 1918--

: Gus Lidberg

: 1910s, Alpsen; Nels, Campe; Beda, Campe; Elsie, Crampton; Frances (Lidberg), Lidberg; Gus, Lidberg; Jenny (Johanson), Lidberg; Neil, Lidberg; Roger, Pearson; Wilfred, Renwick; Vera (Lidberg), and rifle

: Summit Lake

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group posing with logs and rifles at Summit Lake, ca. 1918. TOP(l-r): Gus Lidberg, Roger Lidberg, Wilf Pearson, Neil Lidberg. Bot: Vera Lidberg, Elsa Campe, Beda Campe, Jenny Lidberg with Frances Lidberg, Nels Alpsen.

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