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2014.003.1789 Jean Craig’s 1910 6th Birthday Sleigh Ride

: 2014.003.1789

: B44-1


: 1910-02-20

: Andy Craig Jr.

: 1910s, birthday, Craig; Andrew McCullough 'Andy', Craig; Annie (Valentine), Craig; Doris, Davenport; Helen (Godsoe), Emmens; Fay, horse, Johnson; Zella, Johnston; Lyda, LeQuesne; Dora Watson (Wilkie), McPherson; Elsie, McPherson; Pearl, Murray; David, Nicholson; Elaine, Nicholson; Jean, Simpson; Jean (Craig), sleigh, stagecoach, Vars; Almus Alexander David, Vars; May (Duncan), and Wilkie; Winnie

: Trout Lake

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Large group of children and chaperones being pulled by Andy Craig's team of horses in winter, 20 February 1910, at Glen's Farm. Wagon reads 'Camborne Stage'. HEAD OF SLEIGH (L-R): Mrs. Vars, Winnie Wilkie, Mrs. A.M. Craig (Annie Craig), Andy Craig. TOP: ? McPherson, Jean Craig, Pearl McPherson?, Elsie McPherson, Helen Godsoe, ?, Fay Emmens. BOT: Jean Nicholson, Elaine Nicholson, Almus Vars, ?, Dora Wilkie, Zelda Johnston, David Murray?, Doris Craig, Lyda Johnston. Notes: 'Near Trout Lake. Winnie Wilkie was brat so was made to ride behind Mrs. Vars. this stage could be converted by placing upholsters seats on brackets into the box. About 6 seats. Otherwise it would be used as above for freight.'

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