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2014.003.164 Box Lake School

: 2014.003.164

: A9-4


: 1915-- - 1918--

: Rose Salstrom

: 1910s, Aalten; Bill, Aalten; Charlie, Aalten; George, Aalten; Henrietta, Belsham; George, Belsham; Kate, Belsham; Phyllis, Box Lake School, Cook; Mary, Davis; Annie (Hascarl), Ehl; Franz, Ehl; Rita, Gaites; Winnie (Wensley), Graham; Ethel (Hascarl), Hamling; Chris Jr., Hamling; Ernie, Harlow; Ida, Harlow; Ken, Harlow; Sam, Hascarl; Louis Jr., Hohenleitner; Herman, Jansen; Charlie, Jansen; Dora, Jansen; Minnie, Jones; Lily (Hascarl), Mitchell; Edith, Salstrom; Rose (Hamling), school, Shelling; Enid (Wensley), Wensley; Fred, and Wyrill; Mrs.

: Brouse

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

School portrait beside schoolhouse, Box Lake. TOP(l-r): Mrs. Wyrill (teacher), Herman Hohenleitner, Franz Ehl, George Aalten, Rose Hamling, Enid Wensley, Mary Cook, Edith Mitchell, Charlie Aalten, George Belsham, Louis Hascarl. MID: ?, Phyllis Belsham, Fred Wensley, ?, Chris Hamling, Bill Aalten, ?, Minnie Jansen, Annie Hascarl, Winnie Wensley, Dora Jansen, Henrietta Aalten. BOT: Sam Harlow, Rita Ehl, Ida Harlow, ?, Charlie Jansen, Ernie Hamling, ?, Lily Hascarl, Ethel Hascarl, Kate Belsham, ?, Harlow, Ken Harlow.

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