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2014.003.1573 Working on Box Lake Road 1927

: 2014.003.1573

: B33-4/C15-5


: 1927--

: Bert Herridge and Chris Hamling Jr.

: Cliff Bowes

: 1920s, Aalten; Bill, Atherton; Ernie, Bowes; Cliff, Box Lake, Collier; Claude, Cowan; Elwood, forest, Gogias; Fred, Grigg; John Sr., Hall; Ted, Hamer; Peter, Hamling; Ernie, Herridge; Herbert Wilfred 'Bert', Highway 6, Hughes; Frank, Knuhey; Mr., Parent; Joseph Jr., road construction, Rogers; William, and Spain; Ernie

: Brouse

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Road crew working on road at Box Lake, 1927. L-R: Claude Collier, Cliff Bowes, William Rogers, Peter Hamer, Ted Hall, ?, Fred Gogias, Joe Parent, ?, Elwood Cowan, ?, Mr. Knuhey, John Grigg, Ernie Hamling, ?, Frank Atherton, Ernie Spain, Frank Hughes, Bill Aalten, Mr. Kirk, Bert Herridge.

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