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2014.003.142 St. Mark’s Sunday School

: 2014.003.142

: A8-17/D8-16


: 1905-- - 1915--

: Bessie Vaughan and Phyllis French

: 1910s, Belsham; George, Broadway Street, church, French; Phyllis (Rawlings), Herridge; Charlotte, Jansen; Olive 'Ponnie' (Young), Rawlings; Cecil, St. Mark's Anglican Church (1893-1968), Sunday school, Vaughan; Bessie (McWhirter), and Young; Lillian

: Nakusp

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Sunday school group on stoop of St. Mark's Anglican Church, Broadway Street, Nakusp. L-R:Charlotte Herridge, Phyllis Rawlings, Lil Young, Bessie McWhirter, George Belsham. FR:Cecil Rawlings, Olive Young.

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