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2014.003.1194 K. of P., Champions, 1932

: 2014.003.1194

: B14-7/D11-2


: 1932--

: Della Parent and Ted Hallbauer

: 1930s, basketball, Bowes; Herb, Hallbauer; Ted, Harris; Jack, Mackintosh; R.H., Millar; Walter, Nakusp Knights of Pythias (basketball team), Parent; Joseph Jr., and Stanley; A.B.S. 'Art' Jr.

: Nakusp

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Nakusp Knights of Pythias basketball team championship photo, 1931-32. TOP(l-r): R.H. Mackintosh (guard), Art Stanley (forward), Ted Hallbauer (forward), Herb Bowes (guard). BOT: Joe Parent (forward), Jack Harris (centre), Walter Millar (guard).

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