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Historical Society

2014.003.1073 Gertie Brown, Len, Gladys, Del, Doreen, Ray Gill, Pookie

: 2014.003.1073

: B8-17


: 1933-- - 1936--

: Elsa Tarr

: 1930s, Brown; Gertrude, Busby; Gladys (Olson), Desrochers; Doreen (Parent), Gill; Raymond, Olson; Del, Olson; Roy, and Parent; Len

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Standing portrait of Nakusp children (outdoor), mid-1930s. L-R: Gertie Brown, Len Parent, Gladys Olson, Del Olson, Raymond Gill, Roy Olson. BOT:Doreen Parent.

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