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2014.003.1068 Elsa & relatives, front yard

: 2014.003.1068

: B8-12


: 1937-- - 1943--

: Elsa Tarr

: Busby; Gladys (Olson), Duele; Mrs., Duele; Roy, Olson; Bill, Olson; Roy, Slocan Avenue, Tarr; Elsa (Henke; Olson), and Thurgood house (Nakusp)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group portrait of Olson family in yard at Nakusp, ca. late 1930s-early 1940s. Thurgood house and Slocan Avenue seen in background. TOP(l-r): Roy Duele, Mrs. Duele, Bill Olson's daughter, Bill Olson's son-in-law, Gladys Olson, Bill Olson's wife, Roy Olson, Bill Olson. BOT: Elsa Olson.

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