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2014.003.1065 Eileen ‘Sparky’ Evans in front of Keys’ house

: 2014.003.1065

: B8-9


: 1940-- - 1949--

: Elsa Tarr

: 1940s, 306 4th Avenue NW, Kuskanax Mountain, Slocan Avenue, and Smith; Eileen 'Sparky' (Evans)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Eileen Evans standing on sidewalk in front of Keys house with Bouvette house in background, 1940s. Notes from Milton Parent: 'Location - 306 4th Ave NW. Builder, info - Early 20s. Mostly rental early. History - Prob. built for Tom Abriel. Many renters over years. Maybe Wm. Russell in 1924. Browns?'.

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