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2014.003.1034 Minto crew, ca. 1950

: 2014.003.1034

: B6-17


: 1950-- - --

: Donna Mair

: Ichiro Shiino

: 1950s, Allan; Jim, Berg/Bjerg; Margit 'Margie', Delorme; Andy, Delorme; Toni, Dyck; John 'Johnny', Estabrooks; Capt. Otto, Hempseed; Gordon, Hoy Fat, Kiedyk; Ed, Law; Al, Mair; Lloyd, Manning; Diana (Herridge), Podmoroff; Sam, SS Minto, sternwheelers, Talbot; Arnold, and Twells; Glen

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group portrait of SS Minto crew, Captain Otto Estabrooks' retirement celebration, SS Minto, 1951. TOP (l-): Sam Podmoroff, mate; Margie Berg, waitress; Simon Ackerman, chief steward; Don Manning, fireman; Gordon Hempseed, night watchman; Otto Estabrooks, captain; Diana Manning, waitress; Ed Kiedyk, deckhand; Jimmy Allan, deckhand; Glen Twells; deckhand; Hoy Fat, chief cook; Toni Delorme, head waitress. BOT: Johnny Dyck, deckhand; Al Law, night watchman; Arnold Talbot, deckhand; Lloyd Mair, fireman; Andy Delorme, senior deckhand.

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