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2014.003.1023 Gus Henke threshing machine, Brouse, 1920s

: 2014.003.1023

: B6-6


: 1920-- - 1929--

: Bill Henke

: 1920s, farms, Gus Henke farm (Brouse), Hascarl; Martha (Henke), Henke; Bill, Henke; Gustav 'Gus', Henke; Paul A., and Henke; Walter

: Brouse

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Henke family posing in front of threshing machine at their farm in Brouse, 1920s. L-R: Walter Henke, Martha Henke, Paul Henke, Gus Henke, Bill Henke.

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