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2013.040.2 Crawford Tram Co. of Nelson, B.C. taking one and one-eighth inch cable to the Silver Dollar Mine. Length of Cable 3600 ft. Weight of Cable 7600 lb.

: 2013.040.2



: 1906-10-03

: Vancouver Public Library

: Eugene F. Tucker and Pioneer Postcards

: 1900s, Branford; E.J., Coronation Hotel, horse, hotel, mining, pack train, postcard, and Silver Dollar Mine

: Camborne

1 b/w photograph, 1 b/w postcard

Postcard by Pioneer Postcards of Kelowna using photo from Eugene Tucker collection. Image is of E.J. Branford's pack train hauling cable through Camborne to Silver Dollar mine. Coronation Hotel seen at back left. Incription on photo: 'Copyright by E.F. Tucker. Packed by E.J. Branford & Co, Camborne, B.C., on 31 horses. Distance: six mile on Oct. 3rd, 1906.' Each coil weighed 250 pounds and was 1.125 inches thick. Total length was 3,600 feet. Image has Vancouver Public Library photograph no. 2252

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