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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2013.039.1 A.L. Hospital Beds Closing

: 2013.039.1



: 1990-- - 1995--

: Debbie Curle

: Arrow Lakes Hospital

: 1990s, Arrow Lakes Hospital, Canada Day, Chernoff; Verna, Davidson; Marie, hospital, Innes; Sandy, Lancaster; Helen, Leahy; Cathy, parade, protest, Thompson; Lorraine, and Turner; Jean

: Nakusp

1 colour photograph (10 x 12 cm)

Arrow Lakes Hospital employees in parade float protesting planned closure of hospital beds, Nakusp & District Sports Complex parking lot, July 1st, early 1990s. L-R: Lorraine Thompson, Marie Davidson, Jean Turner, Helen Lancaster, Verna Chernoff, Cathy Leahy, Sandy Innes

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