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2012.017.1 One of the old snow sheds before the tunnels were blasted

: 2012.017.1



: 1890-- - 1891--

: Barb Steele

: George Newman

: Canadian Pacific Railway, Newman; Florence (Pinder), Newman; George, snowshed, and train

: Rogers Pass

1 b/w photograph (25.3 cm x 20.2 cm)

Group posing beside Canadian Pacific Railway train as it enters a snowshed between Revelstoke and Donald, 1890-91. Florence Newman posing at rail car door. George Newman standing at stairs. Inscription on rear by Maud Newman, daughter of Florence and George: 'Thru the mountains one of the snow sheds before the tunnels were blasted, taken around 1890-91 - the crew were all Italians. This was taken a couple of years before I was born in Nov. 1893. Mother said many a night she would waken & they'd be hurdling off to a slide. Dad's section was somewhere west of Donald (the C.P.R. stops were there) and east of laggan - Maybe wrong, but have a vague ideathat Laggan was somewhere around Banf (or Banff was first called Laggan). [Note: Laggan ws the original name of Lake Louise.] Mabel was born by this time, Mother's nerves were getting bad, the slides also - so Dad built the road from Revelstoke to Arrowhead to meet the boats coming up the Arrow Lakes and in 1898 or 1900 he left the C.P.R. and we lived in Arrowhead till 1909 when we moved to Vancouver. Road between Revelstoke to Arrowhead 28 miles. When this was taken Dad 23, Mother 20.'

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