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2012.003.953 1952 tree planting, Nakusp Courthouse

: 2012.003.953

: J116-2


: 1952-07-01

: Estate of Ichiro Shiino

: Ichiro Shiino

: 1950s, Bailey; Ethel (Gregory), Baird; Mary, Canada Day, Cowan; Elizabeth (Goupille), Crowell; Alice (Boyd), Fowler; Ethel (Vipond), Gardner; Hunter Sr., Hamer; Rhuie, Hopp; Ida (Funcke; Giraud), Hurry; Florence 'Flo' (Dilley), Johnson; Kate (Bailey), Jordan-Williams; Blanche, Kirk; Margaret, Leary; Florence (Jordan), Nakusp Courthouse, Nakusp Diamond Jubilee, Parent; Alice Sr., Parent; Joseph Jr., and Tarr; Elsa (Henke; Olson)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (60 mm)

Group portrait on steps of Nakusp Courthouse for ceremonial tree planting, 1 July 1952. People identified in front row (L-R): Mr. Gardner, ?, Mrs. Giraud, Mrs. Millar, Rhuie Hamer, Mrs. Parent, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Crowell, Mrs. Cowan, Joe Parent Jr. Mrs. Leary standing behind Joe Parent's left shoulder. Mrs. Hurry immediately beind Mrs. Cowan. Mrs. E.C. Johnson immediately behind Mrs. Crowell. Mrs. Baird immediately behind Mrs. Jordan. Mrs. M. Davies and Mrs. Bailey standing 2nd and 3rd from left in 2nd row from top. Marg Kirk standing above and between Mrs. Cowan and Joe Parent. Annie Bowes immediately behind Mrs. Baird. Mrs. Fowler above and to left of Marg Kirk standing close to support beam. Elsie Henke two heads above Mrs. Fowler.

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