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2012.003.5 Big Bend Lbr. accident

: 2012.003.5

: J1-5


: 1958-- - --

: Estate of Ichiro Shiino

: Ichiro Shiino

: 1950s, accidents, Bay Street, Big Bend/Celgar mill (Nakusp), Celgar (Columbia Cellulose/Canadian Cellulose), forestry, International Woodworkers of America, IWA strike (1958), sawmill, and strike

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (60 mm)

Accident site covered with tarpaulin, Celgar (formerly Big Bend) mill, Nakusp waterfront, ca. 1958. Discarded IWA (International Woodworkers of America) strike banners seen in background.

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