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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2012.003.1047 July 1st 1968, Queens

: 2012.003.1047

: J128-10


: 1968-07-01

: Estate of Ichiro Shiino

: Ichiro Shiino

: 1960s, Canada Day, Jung; Iris (Hascarl), Kiyono; Alexis 'Lexi' (Dunn), Nakusp Recreation Park, parade, Queen of the Arrow Lakes, Rasmussen; Candy (Obayashi), and Starchuk; Elaine (Nishimura)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (60 mm)

1968 Queen of the Arrow Lakes candidates on parade float with baseball game in background, Rec Grounds, Nakusp Recreation Park, 1 July 1968. L-R: Elaine Nishimura (incumbent queen), Candy Obayashi, Iris Hascarl, Alexis Dunn.

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