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2011.023.50 To Mr. & Mrs. Watson, from Rhuie Hamer, taken May 4th 1943

: 2011.023.50



: 1943-05-04

: Estate of Bill Robison

: 1940s, 93 5th Avenue NW, Bill; Leticia, birthday, church, Hamer; Ruhama 'Rhuie'/'Ruhie', Johnson; Kate (Bailey), McWhirter; Elizabeth (McDowall), Miller; Betty, and Robertson Memorial United Church

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (18.8 cm x 12.8 cm)

Group portrait outside Robertson Memorial United Church (93 Pine Avenue North, Nakusp) of people gathered at birthday party, 4 May 1943. TOP:Mrs. Leticia Bill, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. E.C. Johnson (Kate Johnson), Mrs. McWhirter. 2nd FROM TOP:Mrs. Fowler?, ? Coates, Mrs. Ion, ?, Mrs. McRoberts, Mrs. Miller. 3rd FROM TOP:Mrs. Hamling, Mrs. Thurgood, Miss Fawcett, Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Grondahl, Miss Rhuie Hamer. BOT:Mrs. Hoy, Betty Miller. Photo given by Rhuie Hamer to Alfred Watson and Katherine Watson.

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