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2011.023.48 S.S. Class

: 2011.023.48



: 1918-- - 1923--

: Estate of Bill Robison

: 1920s, Allan; Katharine 'Kay' (McDougald), Berard; Isabelle (Patterson), Campbell; Annie, church, Glendinning; Jean, Hamer; Ruhama 'Rhuie'/'Ruhie', McQuair; Maude (Parkinson), Reilly; Gladys Kathleen, Robertson Memorial United Church, Sunday school, Sutherland; Margaret, Warden; Jean, and Woodhouse; Hilda (Patterson)

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (13.9 cm x 9.0 cm)

Rhuie Hamer posing with her United Church Sunday school class, Nakusp, ca. turn of 1920s. TOP (l-r): Maude Parkinson, Jean Glendinning, Rhuie Hamer, Isabelle Patterson, Gladys Reilly. BOT: Annie Campbell, Jean Warden, Katharine McDougald. Hilda Patterson, Margaret Sutherland. Photo via Rhuie Hamer.

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