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2006. Presentation to Past-Pres. Bill Chernoff – in body cast.

: 2006.



: 1965-12-17

: Doreen Desrochers

: Kinette Club of Nakusp

: 1960s, 87 5th Avenue NW, Chernoff; Bill, Christmas, Johnson; Fred, Kinsmen Club of Nakusp, Parish Hall/Small Hall, and trophy

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (5.5 cm x 6.6 cm)

Fred Johnson (right) making presentation to Kinsmen Club of Nakusp past president Bill Chernoff (left, in body cast), Nakusp Kinsmen Club & Kinette Club Christmas dinner, Parish Hall (Small Hall), Nakusp, 17 December 1965. Photo found on page 76 of Kinette Club of Nakusp scrapbook Kinship.

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