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2006. Convention 1977 (District Trophy, Gwen Atherton, Darlene Gee)

: 2006.



: 1977-- - --

: Doreen Desrochers

: Kinette Club of Nakusp

: 1970s, Atherton; Gwen, Gee; Darlene, Kin conventions (Kinsmen), and Kinette Club of Nakusp

1 colour photograph (11.1 cm x 8.8 cm)

Kinette Club of Nakusp members Gwen Atherton (left) and Darlene Gee (right) holding banner for District Five Senior Project Award won by Nakusp Kinsmen & Kinettes, Kinsmen District Five convention, 1977. Photo found on page 186 of Kinette Club of Nakusp scrapbook Kinship.

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