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2003.026.57.21 Nancy Waterfield, Eunice Carruthers, Elspeth Waterfield

: 2003.026.57.21

: O5-8


: 1928-- - 1934--

: Carruthers family and Milton Parent

: 1930s, Gigot; Eunice (Carruthers; Short), The Assart (Waterfield home/farm), Waterfield; Elspeth, and Wetterstron; Nancy (Waterfield)

: Crescent Bay

1 b/w negative (65 mm)

Trio of women sitting on stairs (likely the Assart, the Waterfield family home in Crescent Bay), ca. 1930s. Nancy Waterfield at left, Elspeth Waterfield at top, Eunice Carruthers at bottom.

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