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2003.026.227 Sid Leary boat, “Maude”, Nakusp.

: 2003.026.227



: 1920-- - 1929--

: Della Parent and Milton Parent

: 1920s, Burton May Day, Burton wharf, Columbia River, Leary; Charles Sidney 'Sid', Leveque; Eugene Joseph 'Gene', Leveque; Hercule 'Eric', Mathers; Alice (Leveque; Akerman), Maude (boat), Parent; Della (Leveque), Parent; Joseph Sr., and The Narrows

: Burton

1 b/w photograph (12.4 cm x 7.6 cm)

Group posing on wharf next to Sid Leary's boat Maude (seen at left), Burton wharf, Columbia River Narrows, 24 May, ca. 1920s. TOP: Carlson? L-R: ?, ?, Della Parent, Joe Parent, Alice Leveque, Eric Leveque, Vipond?, Sid Leary, Gene Leveque.

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