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2003.026.19 Picnic at point

: 2003.026.19



: 1909-05-24 - --

: Carruthers family and Milton Parent

: 1900s, Abbie; Bob, Abbie; Charlotte, Anthony; Adelaide, Anthony; Ed, Baird; Gordon, Baird; Jim, Baird; Mary, Baird; Robert 'Bob', Bulger; Beryl, Bulger; Clara, Carruthers; Mary, Carruthers; William, Day; Bob, dog, Doig; Mr., Doig; Mrs., Hamer; Ruhama 'Rhuie'/'Ruhie', Herridge; Herbert Wilfred 'Bert', Herridge; Norman Archibald 'Archie', Hobbs; Albert, Hobbs; Edgar, Hobbs; Thelma, Jordan; Maud, Kuskanax Point, Little; Charles, Little; Mrs., McKittrick; Rachel, picnic, Poole; Florence, Rushton; Ellen, Rushton; Thomas, Schultz; Mrs., Sutherland; Annie, Vanderburgh; Charlie (younger), Vanderburgh; William 'Bill', Victoria Day, Wagstaff; James, and Wagstaff; William

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (14.1 cm x 8.8 cm)

Large group of picnicgoers at Kuskanax Point, Nakusp, Victoria Day, 1909. AGAINST TREES, BACKGROUND (l-r): ?, Robert Baird, ?, Clara Bulger. TOP: Mary Baird, Charles Little, baby Little, Mrs. Little, William Carruthers, Mary Carruthers, ?, Rhuie Hamer, Maud Jordan, Rachel McKittrick. MID: James Baird, Gordon Baird, James Wagstaff, Will Wagstaff, ?, ?, ?, Adelaide Anthony, ?, ?, ?, Thomas Rushton, Ellen Rushton, Mrs. Abbie, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bert Herridge, ?, Archie Herridge, Mrs. Doig, Mr. Doig, Annie Sutherland, ?, ?, Charles Vanderburgh. BOT: Bob Abbie, Florence Poole, Mrs. Schultz, Bob Day, Albert Hobbs, Edgar Hobbs, ? Hobbs, Thelma Hobbs, ?, Bill Vanderburgh, Ed Anthony, Beryl Bulger and dog Teddy.

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