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2003.026.157 Galena Bay School kids

: 2003.026.157

: G34-5


: 1925-- - 1930--

: Milton Parent and Walter Nelson

: 1920s, Dedosenco; Helen, Galena Bay School, McKay; Alec, McKay; Margaret, McKay; Pat, Mell; Eileen, Mell; Frank, Mell; Mary, school, Shaw; Melba, Shaw; Norma, and Shaw; Wes

: Galena Bay

1 b/w photograph (12.6 cm x 8.0 cm)

Group portrait in forest, Galena Bay School children, ca. 1920s. TOP(l-r): Pat McKay, Helen Dedosenco, Melba Shaw, Eileen Mell, Norma Shaw, Mary Mell, Margaret McKay. BOT: Wes Shaw, Alec McKay, Frank Mell.

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