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2003.016.23 Melvin Larue as ‘John Bull’, 1937, Nakusp.

: 2003.016.23



: 1937-07-01

: Robert D. Turner

: Charles Turner

: 1930s, Canada Day, King; Alice (Baird; LaRue), LaRue; Mel, Oxenham; Mrs., parade, and Yano; Rae (LaRue)

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (12.8 cm x 9.5 cm)

Children in costume for July 1st parade, Nakusp, 1937. Mrs. Oxenham seen at far left of photo in front of building. Alice LaRue and daughter Rae LaRue seen just left of centre. Melvin LaRue in John Bull costume just right of centre.

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