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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2001.037.390 Buerges truck 1925 at Needles Fauquiers ferry

: 2001.037.390



: 1925-- - --

: Milton Parent and Walter Millar

: 1920s, accidents, automobiles, Buerge; Reuben, ferry, Jordan; Ella (Nordstrom; Buerge), Lower Arrow Lake, moving van/delivery van, and Needles-Fauquier Ferry

: Fauquier and Needles

1 sepia photograph (11.9 cm x 8.9 cm)

Reuben Buerge's freight truck being pulled from Lower Arrow Lake after falling off Needles ferry, 1925. Ella Buerge and Reuben Buerge standing at cab of truck.

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