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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2001.037.373 Arrow Park (about 1908)

: 2001.037.373

: F11-22


: 1908--

: Milton Parent and Walter Nelson

: 1900s, farms, Mauchline; Alexander, Mauchline; Bill, Mauchline; Elizabeth, Mauchline; Guy, Mauchline; Henry 'Harry', Mauchline; Jenny, Nelson; Agnes (Mauchline), and Richardson; Margaret 'Maggie' (Mauchline)

: Arrow Park

1 b/w photograph (13.9 cm x 8.2 cm), 1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Mauchline family posing on logs on side of road with house in background, Arrow Park, c. 1908. TOP(l-r): Harry Mauchline, Bill Mauchline, Jenny Mauchline, Guy Mauchline, ?, Alex Mauchline, Margaret Mauchline (nee Margaret Richardson; her property). BOT: Elizabeth Mauchline (Guy's daughter), Agnes Mauchline (later Agnes Nelson).

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