Paddle steamer wheel

Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2001.037.349 Believe to be the first steam powered tug built at Arrowhead

: 2001.037.349

: D33-3


: 1907-03-

: Kate Johnson, Milton Parent, and Ray Street

: 1900s, Arrow Lakes Lumber Co. (Arrowhead), Ashburner; George, boat construction, drydock, Huggard; Tom, McKillop; Donald, Minnewanka (tug), Nelson; John, and tugboats

: Arrowhead

1 b/w photograph (9.2 cm x 6.4 cm)

Group posing with tug Minnewanka, shipyard drydock at Arrowhead, March 1907. The vessel had just arrived from the west coast and was brought in by Arrow Lakes Lumber Co. Captain Donald McKillop on deck with hand on wheelhouse. BOT (l-r): John Nelson, George Ashburner, Tom Huggard, ?. Boat replanked by Nelson and Huggard in May 1907.

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