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2001.026.48 1952 1st July, Bill Davies, E.C. Johnsons in wagon

: 2001.026.48



: 1952-07-01

: Nellie Bradbury

: 1950s, Canada Day, Davies; Bill, horse, Johnson; Ernest Cregg 'Ernie', Johnson; Kate (Bailey), Nakusp Diamond Jubilee, Nakusp Recreation Park, parade, and wagon

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (9.0 cm x 13.0 cm)

Group dressed in historic costumes with horse and carriage, 1952 July 1st/Nakusp Diamond Jubilee festivities, Nakusp Recreation Park, 1 July 1952. L-R: Bill Davies (with horse), Ernie Johnson and Kate Johnson (in wagon).

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