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2000.024.25.1 Hay making, nr. Burton B.C.

: 2000.024.25.1



: 1912-09-22

: Estate of Lance Porter

: Lance Porter

: 1910s, farms, haystack/hay bale, horse, Porter; Lancelot 'Lance', and postcard

: Burton

1 b/w postcard (13.5 cm x 8.8 cm)

Postcard showing men haying on farm, Burton, 1912. Lance Porter posing at centre. Postcard addressed to Mrs. G.S. Adams, Aberdeen, Nova Scotia from Burton City, 22 September 1912. Inscription: 'Dear Friend: I purely must be a blunderer, neer thought to ask for your Street address, so must superscribe as above. So if you get this, don't forget your C/o. Am well, busy hay making. Yours, Lance Porter.' Postcard via Donnette Olsen.

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